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and also one time when i was in first grade i think i was standing in line, i may have cut

and this kid, i think he was russian, for some reason i both remember him being this kid

in first grade and also the same exact kid i used to give reading lessons to when i was in

sixth grade so, i may have cut for time, so im standing in line in first grade and im swinging

swinging my arm like a pendulum swings just about probably just about 150 degrees and

suddenly out of nowhere this kid grabs mind hand and bites it like hes taking a bite out

of an apple hanging from a branch of an apple tree i swear i looked at him like how does

it taste and he spit my hand out of his mouth and i looked around like should i tell someone

i wasn't really preturbed much i just felt a bit confused like what if hes got rubies or something and starts johnny appleseeding the news so i was like hey teach this kid just bit me and she pulled him out of line and maybe that was his plan the whole time maybe i am the tree hiding and surprise myself spooky i swear thouse nightmare stories haunted me

none scarier than the spider children none more real than the magic lamp i entered to find

im all in, i swear first it was a play, a place i actually became, then it was a television show of

a movie on public access tv, then it was a dream, now it's reality and the ramp is lowering and all white trees with jewels for paradissial fruits and maybe i was just focusing on remembering what i was talking about to begin with a little too much i'll try again next time

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