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Drapist Engagement

a madman devours intellect like understanding beneath trees for growth himself wrought

virture out of the marbled stone bled white from black blood double dipped in versatile

languages of children's lips for kisses biting the leg of the offended fiend offending hand

reaching the light again against darknesses vast enflammed exposure for candle red and

another candle for the masses chipped teeth torn feet for glass to be sharp for something

the soul enlivens the spiritual play the alignment of fingers molding clay was it just a hitch

hikers thumb or a golden dabloom turned right wise and left for dead eyes succombing to

the mystery flipping the hoursglass more sand fits between creases in pageless spines tear

out the masquerade and live with all things unashamedly two walking feet round cornered

end to end whats your name again where have i seen your face before lost in the mirror for

the mirror world reflecting mirrored light beams twirling magnifique hit and splinter eyelids

for keys play me a tune no better than the nightengale sings sing unto me a dramatic belief

that all is happening so nonchalantly that is all masked devilry for devil's playthings in the

garden of sin dancing the death dance with the wicked fiend, my friend, you fiend, you fiend

you light the wick after the match is struck from the table leg standing abruptly in the dark of

the cave of the hidden theif for nightless dawns awaken minds in lightless dusk of moonlit

ponds for star fish with stars missed shooting abundances of dust blown like sand thrown as

a leaf falls from the last remaining soul caught for tortorous iniquity for infinities of eternal

woe in the forest of enchanment whence it was the madmen throws the skipping stone crost

the face of the turbid waters rapid pace earthquack twigs snap feet rustling leaves like a trap

set for spiders childrens feast the eyes upon the victim of the day feast for the minds recline

and fall for histories invigorated masquerade who art thou here with today and who shall be

found basking in the nothingness of eternal play for who is acting and wherefore art thou

beauty wherefore wast thou honest hand's disgrace played for a fool a thousand and one

notes to be written in legnthy array diamonds hit and explode from lightbeams trail of sparks

forever engulfed in the madness of art it is a wicked tortorous tormenting dance that guilds

the heart with golden edge from the blackest flame summoned from dirty nails struck into

palmless hands hanging from the dead tree like a skeleton breathing dust for to create a

desert with just to find a more bitter mirage just to find the sun beating for us hot does it

bleed the blood from the veins split openly for reoccuring time ice laid frozen the hourglass

still drips the drops of blood caught within and every drop of red roses red rose thrown to

the aethyrs caught by a dog between the teeth just gnawing at the bones of a deadly God

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