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the vast amount of nothing said and better yet the least amount of words to say it speaks a

language i never understood beneath the summer sun's lightly drifftt the silences within to

many complex sentences to count beneath the summer sun's heavy heat hot as the touch

to gold drops dripping at the liquid thought of revolutions round house eternal towered

stairset counting stairs then for stars then for drifffttting off nodding yes sir thank you yes

ma'am no problem shake hands wash your pants somewhere there is and somewhere it was

we went and somehow it just wasn't again but boy did it hurt, it did, couldn't lie to spit roast

the burnt turkey leg crutched beneath the summer sun for gnomes home grown temple leaf

broken heart bleeds golden dripping drops from blacknesses ingrown toenail cut boy it twas

a fight it twas dig in beneath the skin deeper than a dead mans skeleton bones for smokin

roses petalled toss and twirl stepped on probably more than twice heel toe heel toe side to

side drriifffftttttttin in the midair toss and crack the batch for the crystal's glow mirror broke

at the sight of the sonnet from the drip gold ink writing blasphemy beneath summer's burn

hotter than a hell curse and smoking on the course and can we just say goddamn to deaths

fucking voice and crucial the position of the standing death's two headed serpentine tongue

a true snake's real fangs leave marks one for every chakra blown one for everyone who does

go and go and go and one for the bitter most goodbye slit throat would have died if i tried

twice which side is which and the stories they listen when i speak and when they speak i am

one to believe never a second question beneath the summer's sun blistering shoulders thick

skin shirtless lifting concrete broken from sidewalks longer drifting foot walking for the sweat

of an armpit licked i apologized for it we were tripped kissed the goat and tipped my hat to

her mom at the exit hallway glimmer and ribbon throw caught on fire when i sought to burn

and burn and burn, fearlessness or ignorance or complete disregard for happenstance was it

trusted lips to kiss and be drifting off beneath another summer's sun somewhere else with

someone who it was ive never known where it went i wouldnt know how to swim i barely float

sinking piss in the basement of my brothers home on acid for the first time looking spiro for

spiral of two cokes and when happened then i couldnt explain because i dont remember it

all i remember then standing on the ledge of the precipice with outstretched hand for winds

listening to M83 on headphones with wilkie face deep carpetted sitting on the driveway after

smoking cigs and building firepits to smoke from homemade pipes til somewhere there the

thing was smoking something more plastic more fantastic more blasted i havent seen one be

never met a man like me on the way to complete nothing never met a more fleeting thought

a mere mortal whom doth thou speak of when thy tongue trips for consciousness and what it

is where have we been what were you thinking I'm being honest because I'm looking for just

one excuse but it doesn't exist and to all the written manuscripts I couldn't begin to explain

they just happen like time just marches on like burning trees with arms for palms giving alms

and liquid lunch church bells ring out beneath summer's beating sun like whiplashed necks

for crashed cars everytime everyone sleeping so i move on and on and on and when was it

that I thought i knew something when was it that i tried to show thee the gold dripping for

a bleeding heart, to eat your last, and follow then, white rabbit, plucked strings from guitar

practice what for and for when and for whom and for what did it have to happen for im away

im just far far away from what something is and further than what you thought it was better

never guessed a more rotten john i remember on the job grooving block before i could walk

i remember being caught and i remember laughing it off and i remember every second hand

death walks with no man for no promises i swear it hurt for time well spent for whom justice

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