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Crossin' The Ocean

one foot at a time cutting the leg the anklet the wrists chained like a slab of marble being

brought to angel like an angel sculpting a marble out of a diamond like a diamond of souls

wrought for brains to be crop topped daisy sweet twinkling feet two eyes crossed behind

the back eight spiders find one hand and stack then collapse into an hour glass for black

sand in red glass smoke rising from chimney's last puff and breathe children we're sleeping

far past waking up slowly drowning morsal with dove wings stitched for liquid green and

blue sky | paint | sky blue drops away from black clouds cracking lightning egg shell repeat

like hell from two hands grasp at nothingness at sand falling from water drops like clowns

for balloon animals pop like rotating spins stop mechanisms turning round the diamond

indestructible table propped lighting candel wick amused fire breathing dragons tooth for

the demon cave of madness snakes in time with sand rising lift from the hand dragged slave

from chains for a ship pulling the stone by the tether ancient leather lighter and a feather

writing itseve n if i did lift the lid i wouldnt climb it again because that snake is elf for

Prometheus sleeps inside a cave mountains yawning collapse the nightmare &

was just a dream the dream itself is night the night itself alive and eyes like gold ring for bells

ring out clouds for rainbow blood from red hands clutching the white mask blows off dust of

the mantle still barnyard rubber band shot army like braces for arms and smiling teeth like

shining crosses and more lost to the stars than lights reflecting on/off switch still in the dark

waiting for auras trick to blend with slowly coming into focus remembrances that could be

that could be and i could believe and i could so be and i could be so stupid to think twice

i could be that silly putty in the peanut shell for cauldrons boiling ice laid pond burning

a manuscript of some words I never wrote was that me who I was am I I am lost who art thou

thou art whom whom is life so to be given so to choose and in choosing seek thyself reflect

and in the dimension where things aren't straight I walk crooked with crooked teeth grinding

joints for rehearsel driving stakes into handprinted rock and roll heavier than a rope I bet

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