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Conflict Resolution Symdrone

again & again, all the things said, all the thoughts renewed beneath the sun's promise

it always beats down hot when the heat rises, it will always be surprising to me the way

all and everything and everything and nothing, what about it, thoughts to be thinking

rearranged the mind indefinite to find definition within and forever without question

the subtle introspection of introductions to decisions about what it is to be balancing

all things equally, and every sequence in order to fall one must slip, in order to slip one

must be distracted, in order to be distracted one must be amused, do you find it then

entertaining to be confused, never was to begin with the thoughts and speech aligned

with thoughts behind the mind deeper inside arising at one and the same time it is a

question then, not again, it is a motion in the wind, feeling undetermined yet never

undermined, feeling betrayed not once, feeling unwanted never thought i was, feeling

anything about it then, what, is that what a thought is, floating effortlessly by and by, at

the end of the day the night sky at the damn right thought about it twice and dug deep

to find it is a complex sentence this number 9 this sentence complexities is it understood

did I or didn't I and I always thought I should and always knew I shouldn't and what was I

trying to say, the fear in the mind is created by the unnecessary divide between sincerity

and ellipses, between honesty and forever beneath the surface of the ocean is the sand

forever in the sand is written the story of all of time before getting to the other side of it

more sand, more time, at the surface of the face the mirror in the wind caught swept the

doubts away for the ones who shall always be what is there to offer thee when all is settled

one to be known before the beginning was at the start then the finishing line, life is a

complex sentence written in a book with no end the cover says Tao and the symbol floating

published it before the words written before the blank page the mask before the mirror then

the painting was wet

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