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Concentration Synonym

tear away, tear away, tear away at what is left, tear away at thou the mask death wears,

tear away at thyself and thee, tear away at the looking glass, tear away at the belief

that anything inside of thee is outside of thyself, that anything outside thyself is no more

than thee, that all of this is nothingness, that emptiness contains, more of life than living

beings, more of the same, more of the same, tear out the wicked root of love, tear out

the falling tree, before it hits the ground and makes the forest move, before the tear

falls upon the face, before the mirror again does prove, that there is nought within me

there is nought more that I can do, than give to thee what I have, and share with thee

my dreams, and speak over coffee in the morning about the endless nothing, about

belief in what we are, and that the belief in you is greater than what my belief is in me

that what it is to mask the truth, is nothing more than what it is to be, truer, and none

more true, in reality, if thou art true, I could never leave, smashing the mirror to pieces

tearing at the mask againe, find thyself in the hallway of infinite reflections, creating paint

upon the walls every step rewinds, all the blood thrown, all the hair torn, all the face was

was just white, forever staring into the abyss, forever, forever thou shalt break to find thyself

again, standing on the edge of the precipice, staring into the eyes of a wicked fiend, my

friend, where hast thou been, fall to knees suspended amidst the glowing light, falls to

lift the mind, to get lost in the carpet again, to crawl away amongst ideas, to not get lost

within the painting scenes all calling out, to me, all of them the same, every painting yet

one motion, every frame yet hauntingly familiar, and each one just a detail removed, just

one difference in each, for a moment again, then again, they capture every frame of me

every turn in the labyrinth, every wanting dream, every and each of the minds worst reality

and all and every of the soules most wished for, most longingly desired future, and lost again

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