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I am a conflicted mind with many conflicts inside.

I am a masquerade of emotionless face lifts.

I am a mask of sadness devised so to believe in happiness.

I am a conflict inside of non-resolvable problems.

I am a conflicted mind with many questions.

I am a question-less optimist with a pessimistic perspective.

I am a perception of what I once was, guessing.

I am a perspective of the answers I've been given.

I am a conception grasping at the concept of self.

I am a self struck maniac in conversation with a lunatic.

I am a question with many complex moving pieces.

I am a lost memory to the many sided epiphany.

I am a mystery unto myself and forever just a step away.

I am a thoughtless grace in an ever drifting landscape.

I am a war torn flag in a peaceful land watching the news.

I am a customer at the grocery store trying to not look confused.

I am a person with a cat so I am not alone.

I am a respectable onlooker of mostly everyone.

I am a person who makes eye contact and that is enough.

I am a realized revolutionist with no revolution to revolve around.

I am a perfectionist in training at what perfection once was.

I am a quiet reflection trying to catch on.

I am a person looking in a mirror and trying to recognize my face.

I am a response to a theory.

I am a critical thinking mass grave.

I am a questing beast following a questing beast on a quest for fleas.

I am a kid wrapped in a yellow blanket in the air conditioning.

I am a man, moving as a man does, through and through.

I am a person who has written these things and also I am none of them.

I am a working class hero who has done nothing who has done all.

I am a realist without a job because I cannot find where it is I have left reality.

I am a violence in my head (and) to my self of selves.

I am a peaceful, silent person looking for peace and silence.

I am a youthful old man, looking old, and checking out the youth.

I am a joke without the laughter, or the laughter without smiling.

I am a snake like creature whom snakes respond to.

I am a person who does not like to be lied to.

I am a truth seeking truth teller whom truths are but the beginning.

I am a searching mind seeking answers to things I've only dreamed.

I am a weary traveler whom some have sought to impress upon.

I am one to fawn.

I am a being who does readily fall in deep pits just for fun.

I am a boy who does so believe, and yet questions all things.

I am a man who seeks to not question anymore.

I am a preacher preaching concepts of belief to a congregation of liars.

I am a honest mind among honest men who put out fires.

I am a promised soul aching for release.

I am a cursed man seeking to find heaven.

I am drinking again, for now, and it feels good to be intoxicated.

i seeketh truth and find i have hidden the answers from myself.

i seeketh trust and find i have made a fool of myself.

i seeketh faith and find i have to have some to have some.

I seeketh love and find i know no one.

i seeketh friendship and find i am vastly without.

i seeketh honor and find there is little to be on about.

i seeketh the future and find i seeketh the past.

i seeketh meaning and find myself wanting to relapse.

i seeketh vigor and find divinity.

i seeketh divinity and find hatred within me.

i seeketh peace and find i want war.

i seeketh war and find i want change.

i seeketh change and find i want freedom.

i seeketh freedom and find i want fun.

i seeketh fun and find i want principle.

i seeketh principles and find i want chaos.

i seeketh chaos and find i want revolution.

i seeketh revolution and find i want stability.

i seeketh stability and find i want insanity.

i seeketh insanity and find i want belief.

i seeketh belief and find i have none.

i seeketh what it is, and what it could be, and

i read about what it was.

i seeketh answers and find complex sentences.

i seeketh conclusions and find open ended

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