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and also on that same day i went to chik-a-filet and bought a classic sandwhich

and i paid with a five dollar government official standard and received exactly

one nickel and one penny back from the change man in the drive thru lane at

chik-a-filet who once was wearing a red hat on spicy chicken day and on that

day i didn't get spicy chicken so that on that day yesterday i could get classic

and so i saw in my hand the change and on the penny i saw the crowned wheat

and i said to myself, well, thats a goddamn special penny, and i know that because

every good american knows that, and my step-dad and i were recently looking

at pennies at he found one that was a crowned wheat penny and the date on

that penny was 1918 and we both said, wow, that's one old penny and that's

the foundation of the story, ready for the big surprise, so like i said there i was

at chik-a-filet getting a classic chicken sandwhich at eleven o'clock in the morning

and i told my mom and my step-dad that i was going to go get chik-a-filet because

i really wanted to go get beer and so i did get chik-a-filet because i was hungry

and so i paid with a five dollar standard government official dollar and received

one nickle and one crowned wheat penny back into my dirty hands and i looked

at the date on the crowned wheat and what goddamn date do you think it was

i swear to god, it was a freaking 1917 crowned wheat penny and i raised the bar

there was a lot of cars at chik-a-filet and it's like, to me, i can't help question

whether or not this game is rigged and everything is just a goddamn magic trick

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