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Catastrophic Volume: Rise

the balance between overcompensating

a shattering paradigm with a pair of eyes

somewhere in the mind the hindrances

tied up each the limbs too tight to align

counting sandfalls by where the shadows

fall, and die, wherefore artless beauty

self-defined, deeply, already it is it was

shall it be againe mistaken for another

one more night to break the dawn's sky

one more, what it is that that means to me

please tell me what it means to believe in

something so far from perspectives climb

each a step taken to walk too far from

the garden and back again to the stone

from the stone to the heavens or shall it

something less discovered by others

one couldst barely contain what is held

yet what is set free, a distance into history

does love reveal what is left of a world

and what shall it be we seek to find

yesterday is endlessly dying for tomorrow

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