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Cargo Et Sum / cargo et sum

Time the prologue to eternity, what more canst thou want, no more

Ever fleeting thing invested in some far distant proxy, a conclusion

A million to one, I'd put it all on smiling faces, full moon's aura, reality

In complex sentences, sentience, the distance between two meditations

One full breathe, ages ago I began, at which end of my wits, there is

What is seen, what is known, what we read, & I, sitting alone far from

Looking, knowing, reading a difinite inifinite, & yet, have never been

Approximately, hear silences ring, here, here, time is a probability, ripitition

In abundance of actions done repeatedly, couldst find no better a circling

Of things disappearing, I wouldn't know what it means, & I don't what to

Spaces exist between understanding beneath the stars, a sirius onslaughter

There is, what we think we see, what we think we know, & what we try to

Read, but somehow it all ends up locked in cases of cruelty in casual menagrie

Maybe time is like alignment of things, all the pieces create themselves ages

Ago written in sand, the scent of the incense burning mixed, pure blood army

Voodoo pinched, salt peanuts salt peanuts, sometimes things click & clacker

A fresh french drawl lies here if a language I couldnt speak came clearly more

Ennui, more clearly, read my cards tailspun spinning dice in a house aflame from

The candle's lighted wick carried between thumb and right forefinger while

Whispering into it secrets delectable, & I know she can hear me still, &

There are things far removed no one can ever fairly prove to grasp & in trying

Find thyself engraver standstill, fighting with words that spill, fencing with self

Against the grain of ingrown lucidity, tends to bleed, tends to furthering the

Cyclical battle of epiphanies grandest revolt, a revelation, a return to constitute

Rustling leaves after falling from the tree be moved, sweeping the deck, music

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