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one time i chatgptd with my ex girlfriends best friend

my ex girlfriend didnt like that very much and made

fun of her friend like sounding like chatgpt makes you

stupid or something but she never trusted her again

and sometimes i want to believe in the young man

but i cant get past the part where he showed his friends

if i could go back i would tell myself to make a lot

of different decisions most of them would probably

have serious consequences and when i was dealing with

the pressures of serious consequences it was really only

a degree worse than my current state because although

it seems like maybe things might be ok someday truly

there is a lingering shred of doubt that is relentless

and i didnt even know what chatgdp is i just know

other websites with other things on them that also

make me question reality in ways i just dont know

i really have a hard time grappling with what is true

everything falls away like endless papers black and white

and even my own history my entire life all of it somehow

it all seems scripted and made to be exactly that

i get lost so easily in the most obvious of facts

like thinking the mug shot of the president is cool

until after seeing about a dozen mug shots of

people who did things that are unspeakable in

most normal conversation you must think to yourself

is this actually happening are these people real

and mug shots are meant for actual criminals

are these moves intentional are these motives pure

what is the point and is the point just more literature

everybody knows nothing is true and all of everything

just more soup

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