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By The Wayverly

proper etiquette now a'days and properly always been this way when you go to one of the nicest strip clubs in the city and all the regulars give you the place to yourself because you're with me in the afternoon one of your first and quite obviously only good times being high for

real I aint got no doubt in my mind thats on file like i was saying when your having a proper good time with if you couldnt quite clearly see some of the hottest strippers in the area buddy it's polite to ask first before you grab and laugh like some idiot child pilot wanting to kill everyone in the cockpit because he's too scared to gas it like being afraid of the consequences you dont have to tell me once dont have to even open your eyes like when that faggot took me to the strip club in vegas while halsey diddled herself in the bathtub before nice hair guy showed up looking ducky for one i swear to god he had a nice lady sit on his lap and he squeezed her tidy while staring at me straight in the fucking eyes biting his lip and i was like dude looks like that other fucking faggot on greg gutfeld who wears dresses on every friday night likes being a strong guy lift that skirt up big boy like i swear to god i had to actually ask that fucking douchebag for a fucking $20 spot for a lap dance and he tossed it to me like some whoreslag because he felt powerful, aint that right capital record executives please tell me what the fuck is behind door number aint that pretty like the amount of times they laughed in my face at how much money they were making while talking bitch and swapping spit from each others dicks i swear to god i was like fucking hell put some english on that shit im getting irish like how serious everyones eyes look in LA like fucking whats in the air round that place because ive never seen everyone look like their walking around looking in a mirror at themselves while actually just walking around looking at each other like no youre the mirror looking looker reflecting absolutely primative being like monkeys have more natural ways like i see greater thoughts going on in my kittens mind and she proves it to me everytime like im out of my mind that state could fall off the face of the earth and not one person anywhere else in the world would bat an eyelash encased glittery glowing glass smashed for the ax go murderess go ape shit go fuck yourselves sideways and then maybe one would make it out to stand up straight im just being outlandish im sure its great even halseys teenage artist was a stupid nigger slave and they were all up my ass like wow thanks and it really felt like it to like being molested by chad felt less revolting and he actually fucks little boys dude like i got a ride home from a cop and even the cop was like he does what he does and when i was sitting there in the strip club i looked over at you having the time of your goddamn pitiful life squeezing tits like you've never seen one and i looked at my stripper who was 1000 times hotter and i asked her a simple question i said, can i touch you, she looked at me like your friend there is lucky anyone has ever wanted to, emily was way too fucking nice dude, and you never deserved her for a fucking moment and by the time she got to brooklyn she thought you were such a faggot i could see it in her eyes everytime she looked at me dying inside, could you not see that, and my stripper lifted up my honest workingmans dead hands and put em on her ass and its a little fucking thing called respect, and there's this other thing called pride, ive never seen you have an ounce of it, so put that in your zip and smoke it, spark strip times table two

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