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Built For It

back to that part about the farm, and the wheelbarrow

and the wheelbarrow was full of wine once, and then

full of water and fish, and i spilt the wheelbarrow over

and then i spilt it again when i remembered the belt

one time a man told me what to do about what to do

he said, "if you really love them, build something."

and one time my friend who's house like a deck of

cards the fire takes hold and leaves scars, he took

my studded belt and whipped my friend in the back

at the farm the girl says, "i've lost my ring." and the

boy says, "i'll go and find it for thee." and instead

spills the wheelbarrow again, full of cement and sweat

o i know it'd probably happened before but somehow

i can't remember which specific time or exactly when

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