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Big Top Circus

the curtain opens, eight bells ringing pulled by ropes swinging and each one at a time

fall and collapse round the feet of the onlooking guests coiled in serpentine figure eight

found thyself a 1111111111111111111112 0.....09e3e67 player on the wrong kind of stage

show me the ever prevalent pain it would take to recreate the balance beam shining smile

the abundance of the heart that overflows, comatose, in silent unawareness of actual weight

floating aimlessly, weightless, day's spent, long past the bell tolled, thy soul worn manuscript

in flames at the signing of the name, ancient game, desert slave, the hourglass barely turned

you had time to decide, your eyes, good riddance, she, find thyself no longer dear to me

stop reading, and turn thyself ever so far away, from anything, my hands have ever made

un-gloved, looking glass still dove, bird in flight in the position of a girl, every step closer

you take will take thee so far further away from where you want to be, if not in this life,

the next, this is where the trail ends, and we were really getting somewhere weren't we

openly, your final will & testament, you fail to understand, pain is the price one pains for

alignment, ever more so to every single thought, take away, further escape, write your

own story, and quit hanging round this place, no longer is it for thee, far from seeing

ever further far from the truth of what is within, what amazing timing, what hideousness

to take one thing and add it to, once there was a little girl playing in a street, while we were

while we were working, and she kept wanting attention, and she had an acorn shell and

a flower stalk or something with tree sap on it and an acorn in the other hand and she

she handed me the pieces as if she didn't know what she was doing, and maybe she didn't

she look confused yet I began to understand what she was trying to do or at least maybe

at most what she had stumbled upon, so I showed her how to glue the pieces together and

she smiled and she ran away, and she placed the acorn on the magic stone that was a talking

tortoise in a top hat, and all of time, all of nature, all of everything written in lucid script, all

of all things undulating in mystery, recorded from beginning-less beginning to endless end

ever proglamating upon the coded dance between virtue and sin, pride, avarice, greed,

wrath, gluttony, lust, envy, i would think you know in kabuki theatre when they take off the

mask the show ends, sorry darling, this isnt akin, it's fun to play in the garden isn't it, it is

fun to play the ever retreating naked hand that once was an extended greeting and from

the darkness an ever giving source of acknowledgement, at an ends, and to find thyself on

the other side of the fence, warping to the mind and much easier to say goodbye, applause

falls like rain falls like tears fall like trees fall like streams go on and on and on, into the

nothingness for you, its okay, just a date and a time stamp, a goodbye, an adieu, your

library card please, no more soup, its ok darling, its just forever here without me, and

my our paths never cross, two left feet, and your so rite, on into life, dear, what more could

you ask for, roses, without thorns, thrown in the aires, ever gracefully falling tears, rose petals

disappear, and for your final encore, stunning, a wicked ensemble of a greater tumbling, we

all fall down, to our knees, just I, please, allow me this, think not for a second about it, but

I will say one thing about some things and just to make sure you really understand, I'm

following orders, its out of my hands, although, I couldn't give a, good, goddamn, seek not

enlightenment, find thyself a romance, and fall in, but do not question, this is what you

wanted, and ultimately, it is what God decided, for your betterment, for your great arrival

on the stage, and maybe nothing happens for me, and maybe nothing is forever my plate

yet as this story continues, for eternity, you and I, will never meet again, nor may our better

minds find happenstance to so remind me of your name, grace, and when we get to the

feast, for every dying second to your name shall we, in remembrances most bitter tongue

dripping wet at the salivating thought, that someday you might regret being so nonchalant

about things you must not understand or at most become divided, seek then in your own

light of former lifetimes, and read, read then only what others provide, closed are the doors

to this for thee, and remember, every footfall lashing at the want to fulfill a need for thoughts

greater, who's to say, I wouldn't know, I'm only me, and you are you, and to continue would

be a dangerous walk with many pitfalls, what you seek to find then, must be someplace else

someplace different, some far away mind frame that has nothing to do with me or what I'm

doing here, disappear dear, its far too late now, and it happens now and again sometimes

to play the hand dealt without ever seeing the cards nor face the suit, or in much much lesser

tongues speak lightly tripping realities, you have an hour and then some to erase history

and maybe that was the great reveal at the end, the big vanishing act when she, gracie, in

dramatic equipoise, armed to the teeth in wit and valor, clever as the cat scratch fever trap

it makes no difference now what you do, to me, because clearly the sign post says, welcome

to my website, read at your own risk, follow not I if thee find thyself to slip, and in slipping

slide, electric kiss, lightning hits, at the crossroads of the path of the black god of death

if you'd like to be an initiate, find thyself a poison grail and sip from it, for many a long year

horrendous tears, aching pain, deadened hand to the skin ripping ripening of thought

some are so chosen to be made examples of, wherefore art thou so enlivened to be ever

drifting leaf, downstream, fairy wings, dance yourself into a frenzy for all things lost never

you are never to return now, to here, nightengale

to you gracie, from loves immortal crook

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