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Bee Of The Mouth-Keplers

thats a telescopic seeing scope right, one time when i was in another name for another

place i have once been, on top of the mountain i rememebered that one that was period

i kept tumbling the stones they were never finished thoughts and they keep going on & on

those are two ons said different so they are each on one the second one is one on and two

that is three black flames singing a song i wrote in reverse for whom, my aunt in alaska, thats

aururoreo boring me fastly this sand is pyramid for the grain falling from the knife blade it

first sharpened by the stone of the family, my uncle got it first for christmas, it was just a bird

back then it was just santa pants pal o my fancy fangs that remains to be always something

to be questions then always another grimoire he siad it first anyway he freaking summoned

me and smoked all my eighth time for four eyes spilling paint there were six six six of them

yet the sacrificial princess of the desert garden where are we not in the spring not in the

undies my best friend punched in the face he bached himself became my brother and hang

portrait of a mango man portrait of a patriot fox trotting beneath the darkest of the darkness

with an umbilicord struck right by banjos tuned exclusively from whom it twas somewhere in

there the attic when we put the stuffing in and coughed up diamonds for sparkles, whats a

spike, you put in in the hole in the sides of the shoes and kick boots, doubtful, I have seen

him tear a bird apart bones creaky squeking i have questions of things that I choose to see

in different light each time i think of things that I question then and choose to accept what

things are different then i expected and expectedly, i suppose, i thought nothing of it then

forever thing happening around aa diamond spinning round the compass wants to be broke

nought indefinitely it is just meandering through the meadow for a glossary, of a glare, she

knows all the types of paper there are in her hair, how did this manuscript monolith my web

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