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And That My Friends

is and was post 694 crab walking in the garden im going back in to find where it is I left it

then at the fences shout crows can for crow band in the crow camp of crow cramps crows

man then they go bambam so good i kissed my cat twise wice for mice eyes in mouse trap

the three flames they go ball black they go blasted facts for fiction and friction for revelation

what is this paper made of manuscrfipt flip the lid closed circuit open circus for the thumb

print in the sand who knows who who did it first all i know is it was different everytime and

also still the same we walk on the beaches of the sand to find time sucks bible verses just

waiting for to read them in the bible belt another sigil carved into the leather strap slaps

the back for the belly jelly beans swimming feets for fleets of traveling hobgoblins sickly

at the withdrawn thought of the gypsy mall in the pregnant bathroom for a demon child

needs to eat the spoon twisted metal found it and could't again remember if i tried to say

it three times the black flames ignite scratch the paint it is a portrait of triangulation in a

wall flower say it three times faster years go by sand go dry diamonds sparkling distances

of light dancing in the street humbling the seats feeling the sleet where is the best bench to

sleep on that is a dream where is the star of the statue of liberty that is a pyramid on the

shelf peacock tailed knives laid out did not save a one of them for to open a lettre red for to

bask, in the basket, dog food, in the dog food, milk bones, in the milk bones, more bones at

the vast expanse of the nothingness empty out the trolls i think milky wilkie silkie made a

bong ripper out of that one too i cant remember everything he does he collects a lot of stuff

have you ever seen a meat stone have you ever pulled the veil off of the broken board, I've

never snapped once like he did, and he did it all the time, i shout it out against the grain for

mopping the shoppe rightly, it takes branches from somewhere, a razor from somewhere, a

candle from somewhere, two knives, a crystal and a skull, somewhere it was and the past

it went away from me like downstream there is a bridge and i was sweating out the tricks

standing in the forcefield walking upstairs, he laid his neck to rest on the third one, died

and I couldn't begin to remember what the fuck tapped my shoulder to tell me to go on

shot up the blue gatorade for the yellow blanket and lemon squeezed into my water path

they make seeds for that, they make glue for cats, they make snooze buttons that vibrate

they make earth shakers for boom boom makers on shoulders aching from the gold stone

breaking at the guide frothing at the mouth for an explosion and a date for a time and a

stamp that said a crown is a molding and the belly is a beast i already forgot i was post 666

thats the man who deleivers ther lettres in the book we were ritten writ wroting by pelencan

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