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And / Breathe

and her best friend is my best friend who happens also to be my girlfriend

yet the beast is ever stalking ever looming ever walking round the halls

in frigid frost the winter gleam and flowing down the calming stream are

blocks of ice from the broken freeze to dip a toe for a chilly experience

wherefore art thou little beast wherefore art thou echoing screams where

when what shall be and whom shall become and what of it and how all

unfolding encapsulated sins mask the beauty of the capsizing ship torn

to pieces by the desert sand the wood cant hold the mast the flag the bar

the sand serpint and the mirage Prometheus chained to the stone pulling

it along and just to find the marching hammer to split the stone and share

the gamble that whats possibly inside may be crystallized star pointed space

and from each beam connects and trees burning through and through the

web of the spider spirals and in the web the skull hangs as a leaf does hang

just to feel the wind, just to know for an instance it seems, how the wind takes

hold and lifting from beneath the stream, find thyself in summer's heat and

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