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Always, The Same

i will always see the beauty of the people in amongst themselves

i will always love the feeling of being out & about & around

i will always find the meaning in the meaningful somewhere

i will always know it is there somewhere, some place, some town

i will always see the living world as a place that i have been

i would love to return to earth, somehow, some way, different

knowing it is peace that i have made, knowing it is war always

knowing that the questions were the answers, the answers have

always been, knowing nought more than what i could hope to

believe, a hopeless state of mind, with faith in the beginning

wherefore art thou running to stream, and where is it all going

on, the church of what's happening, now, the search for truth

led only to more doubts, yet the truth of where we started was

without question, the remains, and what remains to be seen

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