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all is to be or not to be

i seeketh to define myself, and find i do not understand

i seeketh to understand and find i seeketh more

i seeketh to elate and find i am depressed

i seeketh to be happy and find i am lacking the knowledge

i seeketh to respect all things and find most all repulsive

i seeketh to be alive and find i am a'drinking dead man

i seeketh to be funny and find i am laughing at myself

i seeketh to be fruitful and find i am a clown, all pies

i seeketh to have wisdom, and find stupidity

i seeketh to be moved and find i have been very still

i seeketh to be still and find all to be moving very fast

i seeketh to be vivid and find life is too colorful

i seeketh to be accepting and find i disagree

i seeketh to agree and find i to be most unworthy

i seeketh to be worthy, yet to find what worth without

i seeketh to be without and find the hideous doubt

i seeketh to be full and find emptiness in abundance

i seeketh emptiness and find more nothingness

i seeketh life to be living, i seeketh the living to the end

i seeked the end for the beginning, i seeketh, and i pretend

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