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All In Time To Thee

I had this picture of a coin flip, of me, flipping a coin

It was a gold coin back then, in front of the fount

Where it is, where it was, no one ever saw it that

Picture of a coin flip, I flipped it twice right, once

With my left hand and once with my right and

It landed

One time it was just a photograph of two yellow

Flowers, the two most beautiful yellow flowers

In a graveyard in a foreign land it was emptiness

I can't remember anything written in the book

I can't barely remember what the cover was

I just remembered it for the first time, couldn't

Begin to say where it came from, was she there

Waiting for me this whole time in a store I think

These photographs I cannot get back bound

Between pages and pages of actual poetry

Nuances of unbelief, we sat in her dorm room

Once, with the entire manuscript and her friend

Read them out loud and I sat on the ground and

It was an awkward time back then it twas blood

I can only remember three of the four photos

A photograph of me and my dad after work

We stood back to back my head was buzzed

He tipped his hat and we both had them high

Socks on pulled up, with a pipe bomb

The two most beautiful yellow flowers in a

Graveyard beneath the summer sun

I can't remember which hand it worked with

That trick of the reflection off the gold of a coin

I can't remember what I did with it nor

Not in which way it landed

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