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All Erasures Erased

what to say, who is it that sits here today, who was I then, the same exact person I am

just a little bit smarter, more wise, just a little bit more flat, just cost it did the sacrament

of all the ages, cost it did, well spent nothingness, exactly, and just the same, just the same

more aware of the emptiness life does create, more aware of the lesson God asks of me,

more aware of the everything that hast nothing to do with anything, wherefore art thou

life, wherefore art thou to be, and what more, what many more words, destroying things

chaotic mask, thou hast yet to break, all in memory is the day, walking up to the house,

taking pictures of the sky just to remember the feeling of what it looked like, church bells

chime, wind scatters leaves, one thousand more revelries about another tree, a different

tree in another place, one that shined in a different way, thou mask, reveal thyself to me!

thinkest the thoughts of a better man, more hidden within, more divine than the ax was

more divinest thou the walk, more hidden things within sentences never said, more secret

words that speak silences, speak the language bird's talk, and when i was a young man

I never knew the pleasures of the old, I felt the ages weight of immensities bold nature,

always just a step removed from reality, forever wast the pull of a destiny within reach

forever was there something lacking that I could not find within, forever was I searching for

something, someone, that remains, ever to the remains, along the path there are many faces

along the trail many trees, and many trees create the forest, as does the many faces along

the path, recognize the remainders, remind myself to laugh, setting fire, sitting fireside

somethings that remain, somethings I cannot tell, somethings that remain too sacred, too

outstanding in ways only the deepest depth of oceans bottom does reveal, ways I've felt

way past the curtain's peel, things that exist within certain people, they know and they

see, and when it is I find them again, it is true, the spirit doth sing, in ways that make the

emptiness free igniting space with fire, where is it that thee have been, what have i been

what is it that i have been doing all this time, all these god forsaken steps, just to find

that thou hast left me here, and i thee, and no more dost the leaf fall from the tree, no

more shall the sand grain fall, no more, none more worthy of the call, none more religious

in the chant, none could tear thy soul from me though they shall, no, they cant, what it

was I was searching for, I was there, then I was not, and now, looking into the mirror, the

same old face again, same old mask, same old, same old, just a just a, jiggidy jig, hooray

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