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Air Raid

and one time my high school girlfriend rose to the occasion

and she took all these nudes and covered the parts that make

cd's explicit and she wrote a bunch of words on a postcard and

she was like happy valentines day but you have to send this in

to postsecret that freaking website about freaking mysteries and

i was like, no.

and also my other girlfriend rose to the occasion one time on

valentines day i showed up to her dorm room but im too old

to go inside and so i had roses in my hand and she said hold on

and so i did and she walked outside and kissed me on the cheek

and gave to me a picture like a picture on an explicite cd and she

went back to her friends and didn't take the roses and so i walked

away and dropped the roses on the ground and i honestly couldnt

tell you what happened to that picture taken on one of those tiny

polaroids which i also had a tiny polaroid of me and travis spooning

and i had on a red beanie and it was winter in nyc and my other gf

who was in high school was in my car parked outside with her friend

and i left them there and went and spooned with travis for awhile

probably like a few hours and also i brought her and her friends into

nyc again one time and left them there again and spooned with travis

it was hot that time in the yard and we took our shirts off and i didnt

put my shirt back on that entire summer it was endless those ever

shifting days ever shifting in and out of perspective in love with everything

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