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Abrupt Halt

Once the reflection is broken, the hourglass begins to count the sand falling as seconds

To a minute of representation lost by the movement conceived, for mass conductive to

Volume prescribed, the calculation to devise an age of the soul in relation to momentuum

On continuing the course of mind, where a paradigm itself exists, how is it that thought

Tapering away like light following each beam projected from centre being, in each time

Moments of alignment with thought patterns created by thinking, within every mind, the

Same equation, thinking just exactly what it is to be, right infinitely, eternity left it where

It stands, that sign post of the crossed roads, pointing this way and that, reading each

Mind, every time, egress and ingress of every part the same creating whole collapses and

Explodes, is it how exactly far from the point oft believed by all, one and the same again

How far from truth are all things if by each and every hand the mind created once more

Consciousness of shared experience for relentless discovery, when there is nothing left

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