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A Diamond's Prayer

may all be arisen finding nought to be erased couldn't mask the painting could nought taste

the paint dripping in hideous parralel realities every tree sways to the breeze disappearing I

onslaughter of the senses for a captivated audience within my mind behind screens deep of

the forestry vastly hidden beyond a deeper belief for frustratingly the words flow through &

through boulders wrough of nothingness find whirlpools of complexities more ringing in the

ears to find noise splatter painted soliloque where does it begin and when does the doorway

open stirring the potion with the masters wand what was the masters perfection to be long

past stopping to be far gone in the ancient mindless dews dripping down the grassleaf for

blades of glass beneath the embrace of enemies made family made perfect for the date torn

in the skin written with claws from nail biting off studs for walls it was the wrought iron tub I

carried back when i was like fifteen me and rotton john and a 500 pound encouraging word

we must have broken it down with sledge, we broke it down with sledge hammers after the

good give in but my backs never been the same and its the hip that cracks the whip from

moving block by the cube into the pit for tenches dug deep in mud i tried to save every

jumping toad and spider crawling i try to remember the days like dreams gone by like words

erased like things thought of and only spoken in secret the cost of things to be the sound

of stones grinding the taste of concrete and the smell of sweat from tired hands it is the

immense pressure that builds from the sun beaten day all the day long it builds until for a

moment you return to the minute you step foot the light rushes through the veins and into

the brain bulging neck veins and crushing fists for flights made into rage of a more hideous

onslaughter of pain I couldnt begin to rearrange the words more provocatively from the

first hour of the sun beating whip til the last dying wish of freedom's unnerved by it just

basking in the gloriousness of something so profound what more couldst thou want to be

what more couldst thou ask of life some aching dying thing some quivering shivering crying

trying to be some reaching hand better of dead than a working man by the end, I wasn't

built for it but goddamn it my soul is and was until the last dying breath of strength to prove

until every block moved hip still clicks the mechanism into the compass again twirling arms

spinning for dove wings beneath summer suns in the shadow beneath the leaves the mask

lays gently upon the forest floor none more an ancient face no more no more I couldn't take

the defeat find me a better feast than that knight I dare you I goddamn you dubious dog

you couldn't find me a greater grave to lie in couldnt find a more peaceful mind within the

closed eye open eye masquerading depth for silence is feeling as feeling is belief in what it

is to be alive what is it in there that captivated mind for a knife, I hadnt even washed it from

the minute steaks cut to Gods grand perfection and cooked in a borrowed pan upon the

fire burning naked if i could only go back i would drink the blood from the bag i would of

savoured every moment more than you would ever believe and its already apparent to me

who is who to be saying what a savoury undertaking what a vision lost in bliss at the go at it

providence, charity, all things moving from hands between coming and going againe like I

never stopped moving but at the time it seems I never left at times it was an honest death

more times it was a faithful theivary none better a friend no more a romantic dance to be led

none more thankful for a relishing discussion all i need to see is the light in your eyes for me

to find that all is still worth something somewhere for sometime when that all of this wrath

all of this wrath within dying for the light dying to see the light in your eyes as life does need

faith in something to be alive for and more so than that faithless at the ever present expanse

acceptance of the nothingness between us and dear god what it is that we shall create at

the precipice of death at each and every dying second, may it be a feast, wherefore art thou

lost in the abyss, hiding for circumstances happenstance happens two or more times itll most

likely happen again it will always be something to be worth dying for it will always be some

where some far past place I haven't been to before looking for the most perfect place to be

there with you, let me take you there, can i take you there, will you come with me, are you

are you going to sleep tongiht or shall we fight against the break of the golden dawn for

eggs and shall we take another shall it be undiscovered the ancient play of death for gold

for love is at stake for love to love inoportune alignments of disappearing things all happens

it all happens far too quickly to be anything worth saving and hardly a thought processed for

more than a moment, a second then, a helping hand, a more lost expression on the mask in

the sand all was there for a moment, a second, all was enlightenments greatest array of light

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