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A Devil's Delinquency

In the timeless distance between dream and reality, between reality and sleep, between

An ever-receding landscape somewhere past the where mind can see, further past the

Eyes, what one is to believe, where thought and fruition, where thinking less to breathe

There sits the gypsy king, crossed knees, back against the cave of the stone, holding out

For more, writhing empty hands grappling with nothingness where once was the vast

Expanse of all things that were left and forever the right hand held unto a slight flame

Pouring out light from the grail in the cave masked standing just beyond the entrance

Into the blackness light poured instead, from the eyes, the mind, from the mind left

Unto the skull held inverted in the left hand at the foot of the mountain, light rising

Out of the jawbone slack, it is an endless desert drifting by and by, blind eyes staring

Straight to the sky where from out within the dagger lifted beneath the table ages ago

Turn the compass three clicks to the right and clock the tables turn, each the legs grown

Becoming the cell inside the mindless theif, caught all up in the ancientest of a trickery

Pulling on the chains connected from the top of the cage to the stake in the masonry

Held aloft by the child prince just awaiting the day it twas you've come to meet whom

Wherefore unto the gift, sacrificial preistesses, give unto me thy wicked hand olde man

Spins againe, the glass held up to the starless night, it is an eternal fog of the night these

Endless daisies, looking through and through the keyhole in the wooden doorway arched

Like angels wings they are flourishing they are, each the meadows beauty, each the flowers

Singing in harmony, such a subtlety, it is only if you listen closely, pay attention to the story

Walking through the mind like a dream, realities visions of a dreamless sleep, sleeping off

The hazy travelling through the doorway and back again, it is this garden art painting drips

It is the the hallway shifting from each step taken, lightly, yet the heaviness sinks in to the

Carpet againe propping up the chin falling lucidly between rose bushes tearing at the skin

Just the thought of a breathe to begin again, coughing blood, soaking up the sunlight

Sitting beneath the forest in flames each tree limb burning, wavering lays as heat overtakes

Gripping the skull grappling with death taking to a friend tilted in angles cursive he laughs

That wicked fiend, the begger man, hast thou ever truly known his name, hast thou heard

Thou hast heard the song of the begger man, thou shalt never be the same againe, it is

Laughter at the precipice of nothingness into the vast expanse shouting for another dawn

Lost in the eyes glaring between the mind escaping reality into a dream, dreaming for me

Reality slipping backwards into the grail tipped over the stone and in the grail the blackest

Reflection of the throne in the shadow of the cave, skeleton men hang from chains on each

The walls of the circle pit, each the walls caving in, crumples it up the last of it the written

Words in verse, misunderstood metaphors similairitise, just a treat for thee old boy, spinning

In the cell held above the floorboards where once was the door, where is it thee knoweth

I knoweth that thee knoweth it, gypsy prince said unto the child king, whom is it who's

Laughter rings, circling deosil in the perspective of time lost to the sand of the desert walk

In the labryinth of doves dripping blood from the wings torn off leaving trails for to be found

Once more, once more unto the nightshade, once more unto the name, finding where it is

Through the garden, dancing, twas' just a moments notice til the lights in tune, til the song

Takes over the mindless drifting and the begger man lifts his flute, from the baskets three

This mystery, this gypsy theif, bring him unto me, child king, and I shalt make thee rich.

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