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my cat scratch turned into a cat scratch and that throne will ever remain a chair

it is exactly the one I am talking about, it was a nail through a chair with a name

twas' even broken before twas' fixed by a metal splint, that old hallways collapsing

one had to see one had to be it one had to believe one what was there before

to find my way back i would devil a trap and think like my friend talks a woof

somewhere hidden inside the files of the mind he was there and he was you devil

where, we are going back to going there again, that is how we go too fancy at

the moment suspended in midaires, thinking for the thinking mind to discover

a truer light within, to understand what happened you would have had to been

twas' projecting through the mind a diamond spinning on a compass on a stage

I have become a table again, struck the match lit, cave the casket, and find out

what it is to be Death, don't get it twisted, twist it up, what a question does.

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