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in visions vast oceanic bliss the tables turn the hallways twist the corrupt sign

that reads in crooked letters creating lucid script the fabric ancient and the

look of the eyes of the mind of god that does devise the hidden throng to

forever break the burning wave that so longing reminds of yesterday so

long to the remains of all that once was in the mind of men and women

creation does long to create and through and through so many slaves to

the punishment whom hereforeto work toward some off far on place that

reflect and in the mirror turns the mask o hideous complex sentences all

flailing all interesting throws assassinate and intersecting vassals pray for

change and to change what, take me away, what change to and fro the ship

onwards goes yet shored still on sands ever prevailing trap set to keep

progress underdeveloped and overexposed until oceanic waters lift and

thought forms arisen ferocious grip shall lead the wood and erasures cap

to right again what has been wronged and in all honest collapsing legs do

give second hands better bets laid upon the honest shoulders of hard work

recreation of a masterpiece destroyed in destroying what tendencies to be

sitting at the table then with feathered pen and ink pot glistening blue ink

drips down the page in the sigiled book locked at both ends with curses

what is it that focus that headlong tripping rock bouncing spiral to the sunset

and on the other side of the flipped glass the stone returns back through

the same stare the same question perplexed and hey you slave shatterproof

the glass for wreckages on greater shores the ship is pulled by leather straps

through and through the desert sand whom shall lift their spirits and spiritually

bereft of reverbrances shining glow for vast is the meaning to the meaningful

and for whom the meaningful fulfills, fat vaster the success and even the frame

still the motion, warp the future into further infinity, take what it is from thee

and the reluctance to believe that anyone can flood the desert with LOVE, more

encompassing than honest, more lucid than the problems, and the greater, far

more great, the macroscopic definition of what is, and the microscopic chemistry

of what shall become, when the dream is definition, and the definition defining

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