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all i hear are problems that businessmen have problems with

all i hear are problems that in reality to billionaires, aren't problems

all i see are comfortable men proposing ideas about comfort

all i see is a hopeless agenda masked as a promising stand-point

revolution doesn't have much to do with regulation and restriction

it starts with a responsibility and the redemption of a dying battalion

and it will never happen because what it would take besides a

totalitarian government control, moreso, is an actual army of

men and women willing to die for a belief in so vast a global change

we would be extinct before the war was waged and more suits

on stage will tell more people that they understand the problem

while negotiation behind the scenes will liquidate any progress

at least the one man with his tiny hands on the actual pulse of nations

at least he can make good jokes with actual depth and observation

but the other guy who said he had his pulse taken before the show

should go wash his hands more and stop looking at little puppet girls

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