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because one time when i was back at the wart i just had it with trying to figure out what i wanted to do with my life because i was like someday ill have to do something right and i was like goddamn it something and i was texting my friend from high school that worked on cars and i was like maybe i could make enough money to float by if i worked on cars right and he was like dude you have to like it and i was like i dont like anything not even myself and there was this pretty hot goth girl in my bed laying next to me and i would be reading the miranda rites on flatscreen tv being like is this the last substance i need to eat that goth she even had thick rimmed glasses and died black hair and i was like care and i beat myself up because of that sometimes and because of the holly wand i cut from the tree of the red leaf and she had a hole in her pants one time her sweet pants and i swear she did that just for me just something only we'd know when they put those zippers on the back of tight plastic dog toys twisted balloon animal one time on new years eve i was supposed to invite this one person over to the party but i was like abracadabra lost the map in the sponge run

from under the sink was it a sponge or a potatoe that sponge really figured himself out i

swear i was squarted when that show came out but you want to try the coffin ride so bad but you know it just wouldnt ever open again because somehow thats really what you wanted the whole time just to be dead and then youre in the coffin like am i dead because i cant fucking get out of college and not do anything because i wont be able to do anything then and somewhere along those lines i was like alright teach, i swear i made a video of marq doing a drive by with a squirt gun and projected it in technology colours logically on the dorm room wall and i swear there was a girl at the bar where wed play beer ping pomg she looked exactly like that one not that one just the one and wilkie would fight off the mexicans and one time i got kissed there by a chick and the owner's son slapped my belly red and that still doesn't make me a pig just a bit peakish and one of the kids from the school was there and he was like yeah i like his pants too even though you can see his dick through them and i was like can you and i fell in love for a lifetime with guy's wife that is unreconciled youthistry deep within and one time we were at the beach me and nick and the girls we met at the other movie theatre met us there i mean do parents plan these things accordingly beacuse thats just great timing and we were sitting in the lifegaurds chair and we all wanted to make out but we were too scarred so we kept just looking and staring at each others faces and i swear at one point we switched places and were like maybe it will work if its the other girl and so i was like maybe if i perform a song for them in the last dying night's starlit sky ocean

vendetta with bloodshot eyes like juliet she will fly from the lifegaurd into my arms and then i walked home empty handed because when i asked old teach there at the video store to rent A Good Job he was like i dont even want to be here today and i was like cry face and that was the last straw before i went looking through the needle pile for a clean rig to woody it

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