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12 Ole' Blind 34

my ex-friend's girl puke is crazy because she swallowed bug juice at magic hat #9 concert 5

im the duke of knotting ham's forest hunting stand wheres robin the tao of the yellow hand

winnebaggied the thumbpressed red tacks for red grapes for cork boards conference table

conversation H with P & W, goes "things are looking inside closed door caption scribble

scrap that blank page inverted computer keys for water colours monet number in bar code

scrammbling for 666 in 7 eyes no winking no peaking no sleeping no lying rule number 1975

ancient rambling stones for thickets thorny thumbprints walking spider legs by and by."

missed ellipses counting euphanisms for phantsy walking crooked straight away good sir

teaching counting for math in numbers reversed speaking alphabet in cursive with lead

gold in three dimensions in the fourth enters the fifth throwing rocks in tunnels to find eyes

1000 divided by 2 times heaven in hell or hell to heaven abides throne for light of fire and

wetness of water salt of the earth sprinkled rainbow collected each from mountains five

i am the duke of well belling tone all cats aren't blak and so where is my parade at the end

of the race ill punch my good guy steal his wife and he can punch me in the eye and thats it

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