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one time i walked a thousand blocks in reverse from the spring of tears flowing from my

eyes into the beer i was having with two llamas they told me it's alright they really were

out of sight the black acid knight beneath the tree tangled up in roots him laughing at

not a thing and me waiting for it to kick it but what happens is it happens to be kicking

one in the head at the outlandish understanding before you know it and far before you

begin wrapped in plastic thank god the moth will always fly to the candle light vintage

rifle i only made it through prone prosition but i was a sharp shooter straight on through

to the other side of parasites cross for me in your mind the den of theives in mine the

misconception that all is in and in is all that is wrought from nothingness the iron throne

the ball gaga and the mighty eagle walking backwards down the street lil phil who slept

in a graveyard supposedly playing everything means nothing to me on an ambilicordian

and some pop songs i didn't know that had the girl's dancing toes two step past the arch

of the covenant, the heart, past the mark that ancient dart thrown lawn seats grass teeth

glass rose lost voice at the coughing dragon spitting up fire from the first dip of the dance

that go round that lucid that map has two x's on it from start to finish it's a treasure trove

of knowledge its a ledge its a shotgun at every spot particullary made for it dropping in

oft the rock rolls chained to the stone smashing the mirror fixed to the face plant in the

cornere of the ancient labyrinth wasted nought a day nought an hour to the minute for

a second then a mortal happening the same places the same dazed faces the same set

of stairs the same bench beneath the stars the same hand lifts the torch of liberty to

all of time's stop, i asked him if he thought it was my fault, and he said yeah it's your fault

and it turns out, it is my fault, and also it turns out that it wasn't my fault at all who knew

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